Monday, February 7, 2011


I completely forgot to blog about this crazy event!

On Monday, Jan 24th, as I was just about to take off my warm fuzzy pink robe and get into some clothes for a birthday dinner, I heard Soph munching on something. I went into the kitchen and found her under the kitchen cabinet (I accidentally left the doors open) eating mice/rat poison pellets. Yep. All of it. The whole little tray we had under there.

I wouldn't say I panicked, but I flipped into Mommy mode (since she is the closest thing to my child besides L,A, & J). I googled an emergency vet, they said bring her in and we hopped in the car, neither one of us wearing under garments.
I got her there right about 7:30. They immediately took her back and started the process of getting the poison out. The gave her an eye drop that makes her throw up immediately. She had to have 4 rounds of pukey drops and then they gave her charcoal to soak up any leftover poison.
They came out at one point to ask me how much she had eaten, and when I showed her, she said they needed to x-ray her stomach and see what else was in there. The x-ray showed more stuff in her stomach so she had to puke some more. (Later I counted and she had thrown up 10 times. Poor girl)
They finally brought her out to me about 9:30 or so and explained what they did. Puked up the poison, charcoal to soak it up, Vitamin K shots (4) to counteract the blood thinning poison and sent me home with Vitamin K pills she would take for 2 weeks.
I got her home and gave her a bath. I was pretty calm at this point because we were home and the vet had told me she was going to be ok.
Now I am trying to heat up some oatmeal since I haven't eaten and I go check on her, she has thrown up that charcoal on my bed and is broken out in a rash. A bad rash. I call the vet again. Bring her back, its an allergic reaction.
Still no undergarments, I drive her back to 41st St and they give her Benadryl. Her rash went away in about 20 min but the vet said her face was swollen and she didn't like that. I could take her home and if the swelling wasn't gone, I would have to bring her back. I decided to let her stay the night so they could monitor her. And then I got in the car and called Rowdy Red (his new nickname- courtesy Elaina Osteen) and cried. It was midnight, I was tired and hungry and my doggy was staying the night in a hospital.
I was able to pick her up the next morning around 10 and take her home. She was thrilled to see me and seemed to be her old self. So we went home and relaxed all day. She was curled up in a ball in my lap all day and the doctor told me to limit her activity (have you met Sophie---she never stops) and reduce risk of injury. So, I helped her off the couch and carried her outside and decided it was best to not go play with Rowdy Red's bulldog that night.
It cost me a pretty penny, but totally worth it. And the concern my parents, Rowdy Red and Elaina and Sammi showed was so sweet.


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