Monday, February 14, 2011


Of course I would have a love related post since it is Valentine's Day. I'm cheesy like that.
I have been in love a few times. Each time was different.

  • One time I was young, and I felt like I would do anything to be with him. At one point, I remember feeling desperate. He broke up with me. And later wanted me back, but I wasn't desperate anymore for him. 
  • One time I felt like I had all the control. It was one of those where I felt like he loved me just a little more than I loved him. And so I broke up with him. And it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. 
  • One time I thought he was the one. I felt like a grown up, in a grown up relationship and grown ups get married. But something was missing, and I pretended it wasn't and I wanted it to be "it" so badly. He ended it.
  • One time I was heart broken. And a night out with the girls turned into a night of rekindling. I never saw it coming.
And each time, I was in love (or not in love), I learned a lesson. I learned it is not attractive to be clingy/desperate. I learned it is hard to break someone's heart. I learned not immediately responding to calls or texts makes them a little more interested. I learned that my heart will heal. I learned I didn't want an obsessive partner, even though when I was young, I thought it meant they loved you.

I wish had the time to post pictures of my old flames. I always find it interesting to look back and see how far I have come. And while those relationships ended, I had happy times with those boys. San Francisco, weddings, Dallas, homecoming to name a few.

I read some words today on Dear Wendy that rang true to me:

“If we only pursued relationships that didn’t involve much risk, we’d miss out on some of the richest and most character-enhancing experiences life has to offer.”

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