Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bet You Know What This Blog Is About....

Did you know that it has recently snowed in Oklahoma? I have spent most of the last week watching the weather, listening to weather, reporting the weather to my friends and co-workers, looking at the radar, and chatting with Channel 6 Alan Crone (hahaha...I am kidding).

Last Tuesday, we got around 16 inches of snow. My office was closed and I started the day by arguing with Rowdy Red about whether or not I could drive over to his house. Umm no, dude, I can't.
Watched some TV, ate, cleaned, and then our hot water froze in the kitchen. Lovely. We have no dishwasher so hot water is vital in the kitchen to wash dishes.

That afternoon, we had an impromptu gathering at our tiny home and started playing cards and games and eating more. That evening, Sammi kindy offered to have her boyf Clark drive me over to Rowdy Red's house. Wednesday was his birthday and I wanted to be able to spend that day with him.
In a nutshell, I was off work Tues-Fri (which will prob never happen again in my lifetime) and got to do lots of reading on my new Kindle, watching music videos on Rowdy Red's Mac and eating. More eating.

It snowed again today. Who knows how much. And does it really matter. I mean, at this point just keep it coming and let us have the whole month of Feb off work. Rowdy Red leaves for Phoenix today and I am not thrilled. I prefer him to drive on the icy roads but good news people, I paid attention enough when my dad was always driving on this to be a pretty good winter weather driver.

An another note, I read this article from Your Tango today. I am not married (duh) but I liked the advice they gave in this:

5 Bits of Marriage Advice To Ignore

1. Don't go to bed angry: They said it can be good to sleep on it, take a breather and wake up with a new perspective (possibly).

2. Use phrases like "I feel" rather than "this is how it is": Men feel, but not like women. Sometimes a man doesn't need to hear your feelings on everything. Give it to him straight.

3. People don't change: Don't enter marriage thinking that you or your partner won't change. Cause you will.

4. Just apologize, even if you aren't sorry: Whatever, don't give me that half-ass attempt. Don't apologize jsut to end the argument.

5. Let him know how you feel: Some days I feel great, other days I am a little down. For no real reason. Don't let that always affect your marriage.

Check out the real article here

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