Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I hate when I can't think of a title for my blog post. Anywho, I have read a few things on The Frisky lately that have me thinking.

1. I wholeheartedly believe in the saying "women fall in love with their ears, men fall in love with their eyes"

I used this example 2 weekends ago on a young fella. He is friends with Rowdy Red (my mom told me I accidentally revealed his name a few posts ago..oops) and Rowdy was out of town and I was out to dinner with 2 of his guy friends. The younger one started asking me why his girlfriend took everything he said literally. I said because we fall in love with our ears. For example, if a girl says to a guy she is dating, "My mom makes the best lasagna...maybe you will get to try it sometime!", he hears something along the lines of, "She wants to feed me". If a guy said that exact same thing to a girl, we would think "He must really like me to think I might one day be eating his mom's lasagna. I wonder where this could go." Or something along those lines. See the difference.

2. We all (and by we, I mean women) need to stop worrying about when we are going to get married

This post says " You’re not married because that’s not where you are in the story of your life right now." Touche.

3. This is unrelated to love in anyway. Unless you like chili-cheese coneys. I park in a parking lot designated for my office in downtown Tulsa. For some reason, there are 3 spots designated, one in front of me, me, and then one behind me. But no one parks behind me because, you got it, that would mean I am blocked in. But I swear, almost 3 times a week, I come out and someone is scarfing down some Coney Island, and they have chosen to park behind me and block me in. There are plenty of other places to park but yet they choose my car to block in. Annoying.

Now that you know my deepest thoughts, let me apprise you of my upcoming events.

Tonight I am going to Cirque du Soleil with Elaina for her birthday. We are eating at Garlic Rose (our fave) and then heading to the BOk. I have been wanting to see Cirque for about 2 years so this will just work out perfectly.
Tomorrow night is book club. Thanks to my Kindle, 15 inches of snow and 4 days off work, I read the book in no time.
Friday night is Elaina's birthday cocktail party which will include a signature drink, appetizers, cocktail attire, and I'm sure a few knee slides by Billy Barberousse if we are so lucky.
Saturday, Bryan and Erin and my 3 female amigos are coming to town. Whoop Whoop.

Also, here are some recent pics I haven't posted yet
Crusin the streets of Edmond

Getting ready to do her halftime show at the UCO game

Sitting in her chair like a big girl

Laina is about to shovel us out of the house

Just a few more inches and my car will disappear

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  1. That may very well be the scariest photo ever taken of me!

    But yay for G-Rose and Cirque tonight!