Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Now That Everyone Knows

Finally! Everyone knows. I can openly talk about being pregnant. I don't have to make any more fake drinks, pretend I am not starving, or hide my tiny growing bump. I was pretty good about taking pictures but most of them I don't have a top on so I won't be publishing those on the world wide web. Here are some bump picture that I can show you...

12 weeks

17 weeks

18 weeks
As I type this, I am currently 18 weeks and 3 days. I start a new week every Friday. In the 18 week picture, I think I look pregnant but Kyle said strangers still won't be able to tell.

I have not been sick 1 time and really haven't had many symptoms. I have been working out since the day I found out. Probably the worst symptom I have experienced is a very sore lower back. I have been craving Mexican food! I could eat Mexican food everyday before I was pregnant but it is almost the only thing I want now.

And even though most people say that they don't miss drinking, I am going to be completely honest here and say that I really do miss it. While I am not saying that I want to be 18 weeks pregnant and drunk, I miss having a cocktail at dinner or wine while Kyle and I watch a movie. It also drastically changes certain events. I still go to anything and everything that I would have before, but I either don't end up staying as long or I get a little bored when everyone is drinking and I am sipping on water (or my new friend, ODoul's). I have made almost every combination of sparkling water and some type of mixer/juice you can think of and I have been enjoying it. My favorite is sparkling water with peach sangria mix from Williams Sonoma.

So there ya have it! The last 18 weeks of my life all wrapped up for you. I have every intention of blogging regularly from here on out, but I was finding it hard to blog when I was keeping this secret.

Jan 10th welcomes 20 weeks, halfway for us!

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