Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today is the day. Our wedding date is officially on the 10-day weather calendars.According to The Weather Channel, it is supposed to sunny with a high of 85, low of 57 and 0% chance of rain!

Now for a weather loving girl like myself (and Kelli Moss, hi Kelli!), TWC is not my go to weather source. I stick with locals. Alan Crone from Channel 6 to be specific. But since Channel 6 doesn't have a 10-day forecast, I had to look to TWC.

I got my first spray tan last night at Suntanz at 101st and Memorial. I normally wouldn't drive that far for something I can get anywhere, but I had a Living Social deal for 2 spray tans for $25. I am very pleased with the results. Lexi was my spray tanner and she is adorable. A cute college girl that just loves giving girls that perfect spray tan. My feet and hands are a little streaky/splotchy but she told me just to scrub them and it will fade. I plan on going back next week before the wedding so I can have that perfect "glow".

If you are looking for a cheap pair of colored jeans/cords, Old Navy has tons of colors in their Rockstar fit. And they are $19 right now! I bought green jeans and red cords this weekend.

Old Navy
I love this fit but you do have to go up a few sizes. But since no one sees the tag on the inside of your jeans except you, who cares?!

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  1. old navy is always such a great place to get a good deal for fashionable things!