Friday, June 22, 2012

Montana: Part 2

Since I have so many great pics, I decided to break this up into 2 posts. We spent most of the day at the King Ranch. Justin was working, Stacy helped him mow while we watched Henry. Kyle and I went fly fishing in a pond and I almost caught a trout! I didn't know you have to "let him run" on the line to wear him out so he doesn't break the line. Unfortunately, I didn't wear him out long enough and he broke the line right as I was about to lift him out of the water.

The next day we went to Yellowstone. We got to see bison and Old Faithful and Beehive geyser go off. There is so much to see at Yellowstone, and we just did the quick version!

On Saturday, we celebrated Henry's 1st birthday! He is the sweetest little guy. Rarely fussy and will go to anyone which allowed me to love on him, lots. 


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