Wednesday, December 28, 2011


December has been full of awesomeness. Yes, I know that is not a word but it is what I wanted to use to describe this month. This month started out with a huge Bedlam win! The next day we attended a lovely Christmas party at the Oaks Country Club where Kyle, Tyler and Austin are members. Tyler's wife Lilia and Austin's girlfriend Christy are both great golfers. I am the only non-golfer so I sip club specials and read by the pool. Although I feel that time is ending because Lilia and Christy are determined to make me into a golfer.

The weekend of the Dec 8th, we had our annual Christmas book exchange in OKC. I got The Help and plan to start reading in on the plane tomorrow. The next weekend was a Christmas party at Tyler and Lilia's and our kickball party. Both were a rockin' good time (you like that saying?).

Then came Christmas. We spent Christmas day at my brother's house. Watching the girls excitement over Santa and what he brought is one of the joys in life. I look forward to the day my children will do the same. The big girls were already awake when we got there (we left Tulsa at the crack of dawn!) and Jordyn came out looking adorable with her crazy bed head. We unloaded our presents and let the girls see what Santa brought them. Then we had breakfast and went to church for a Christmas morning service. We came home and prepared lunch and started handing out the rest of the gifts. I am so lucky to have a mom and a sister in law that give great gifts! Erin got me the cutest OSU shirt that I can wear in Pittsburgh this weekend during the bowl game! I was back home at Kyle's by dinner time and we cooked a cute little Christmas dinner and opened presents in the dining room floor by the tree. I was exhausted since I stayed up til 1 AM the night before and my alarm had gone off at 5:50 AM. 
Kyle got new carpet on Monday so we cleared out all the rooms first thing that morning and then went upstairs to the spare bedroom and watched a movie while the carpet was installed. I finished the Christmas break with dinner with Amanda. We tried to go to this new place downtown, Edward Delk's, but it was closed. Then we went to Mi Cocina, my new obsession, and they were slammed. So we walked across to White Owl, which was also packed.

Back to work yesterday, and I used a Groupon for a shellac. Let's hope it lasts longer than the last one did.

Tomorrow we board yet another plane for Pittsburgh. This long weekend in Pittsburgh will consist of massages for me and Kyle, rehearsal dinner, wedding, brunch after wedding, OSU bowl game. I have made my packing list, detailed by outfits worn for occasions. I will have to wear a coat to the airport cause there is no way 2 coats will fit in my bag. Kyle is so excited about the wedding, all of his high school and college friends will be there. I'm also excited about the wedding, but also about the food and champagne :)

Happy New Year, blog friends. See you in 2012!

Sullivan Christmas Party: the golfing ladies!

Pajama Kickball Party

Billy, Claybrook and Brandon's Christmas card photo

The mother of twins!

Scooter and leg warmers

Evil Knievil on a bike

Scooter girl

Jordyn's new backpack 

You know this won't be complete without food pics/recipes!
Hershey's Chocolate Cake

Christmas Eve dinner by Kyle: Buffalo chicken salad topped with fries!

Kyle grew up eating these every Christmas but his mom is "out of the buckeye business" so I fulfilled the request. 

I also made a breakfast casserole but was so tired by this point that I forgot to take a pic. You can find the recipe here.
Oh, and I made this dip:
Chili Cream Cheese Dip

1 can Hormel Chili with or without beans
1 block cream cheese
2 dollops of sour cream 

Heat everything up, mix together, serve with Fritos. So easy. It tastes a lot like the skillet queso at Chili's, if you have ever had that.

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