Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random Topics

When I don't have one particular topic to blog about, I like to just mix all things up and cover a multitude of things.

I saw a headline yesterday that really annoyed me. It said "Terrell Owens was in tears over finances". I clicked on the story and the byline said this: The NFL star is in tears when faced with his mortgage and other bills during the lockout. Is it just me or does this seem so ridiculous?! I mean this guy is making millions to play football, and he is freaking out over the lockout and not making a few paychecks?! And he has a VH1 reality show that I am sure pays him some dough. Here is my suggestion to T.O.: live within your means! You prob bought a ridiculously expensive house that requires a gigantic mortgage payment. While I bet that was really neat at the time, you probably should have purchased something that comes with a mortgage payment that you could actually afford with your millions of dollars. And T.O. always has some crazy bling. Cut out the bling, dude. I hear Claire's still carries some pretty rad cubic zirconia studs. I know a lavish lifestyle must be awesome, but I can't help but be annoyed when someone that has made that much money cries over a lack of paycheck while there are tons of people who face the difficulty of paying bills every month. End rant.

September 11. The 10 year anniversary is approaching and I have been watching several specials on various stations. Kyle and I watched the George Bush special on National Geographic the other night. While I know many people don't care for our former President, you cannot discount the fact that he unarguably faced one of the most trying times in office. As my cousin Tweeted it best: "Watching 9/11 Interview:no matter what you think of Bush, he led our nation through one of the most horrific moments & still makes me proud." 9/11 changed our world forever. It was said during the special on National Geographic, 'the people alive during that time will forever hold that moment in their heart". I will tell my children one day about 9/11 like my grandma can tell me about Kennedy being shot, and like my mom can tell me about Elvis dying*, and like my grandpa can tell me about Vietnam. *I know that is hardly the same, but my mom remembers it vividly.

OSU football is upon us. Kyle experienced his first game last Sat. He also experienced me sweating more than a 300 lb man on the middle of summer. We are still together today, surprisingly. I finally got to see Laina for the first time since she moved. It was a hot, sweaty, kinda teary reunion but it was so "us".

Have you become addicted to Pinterest? It is wonderful and I have gotten into a cooking/baking kick thanks to it. I have recently made cake batter bars and cake batter rice krispie treats and buffalo chicken dip. Not only has Pinterest given me the cooking bug, I also have several others boards that need some attention. Hopefully I can complete my coaster-making project soon!

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  1. Oh Pinterest... I unfortunately cannot be a part because I am anti-Facebook and anti-Twitter and therefore am locked out. I feel like the kid who didn't get picked in kickball. Ha! I do, however, live vicariously through other bloggers' pins. So feel free to post them!

    Also, still praying for that sweet Talbey. Just broke my heart to hear of his amputation. Oh, his parents' heartache... makes me weepy.