Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fundraisers for Talbey

I know most of you probably have a local Scentsy rep, but in case you don't and would like to raise money for Talbey and his family, below is a link to a Scentsy fundraiser for him:

Scentsy Fundraiser

There is also a Stella and Dot jewelry fundraiser set up:

Stella and Dot Fundraiser

Tonight we kick off fall kickball. Well, it actually started last week but we had to forfeit our first game since we would be missing so many people due to the OSU game in Stillwater.
I started flag football last Sunday and it was so great to do that again! I loved my intramural team in college and have been missing it ever since. My body was so sore for the next few days. I forgot how exhausting that can be. 
This chilly weather is perfect! I look forward to chilly evenings when I can use a blanket! Kyle keeps his house really cold in the winter, and I don't keep mine much warmer. Although I do like to feel the ends of my fingers in my home.

OSU plays TU this Saturday at 9 PM. I am not going to the game; I am going to relax some this weekend since I just counted up the activities on my upcoming calendar. Since I know you are so curious, let me list them for you:

Sept 24: Warrior Dash with Bryan and Erin
Sept 29-Oct 9: Tulsa State Fair 
Oct 4: Sammi's bday
Oct 19-22: Oktoberfest
Oct 29: OSU Homecoming and surely some type of Halloween event
Nov 3-7: Kyle & Heather to Pittsburgh for Steelers game!
Nov 11: Wedding in FTG
Nov 12: Mom's bday
Nov 18-20: Dallas weekend
Nov 24-26: Thanksgiving
Dec 3: Bedlam in Stillwater

After bedlam, it will be time to get ready for Christmas and our New Years Eve trip to Pittsburgh!


  1. I am SO excited about fall and all the fun things going on. For me, that means craft shows, but it looks like you'll be a busy little bee too. Enjoy the cool weather and try to keep those extremities warm!

  2. Go on and get your crafty on, Holly! You will be able to say thanks to Pinterest for the delish treats I bring to book club this month!