Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm sure all of you feel the same way, it is freezing cold outside. Warming up my car before work has become increasingly more crucial and Sophie barely gets out of her blanket-bed that she creates on the couch everyday.
I will say (knock on wood) that I am so thrilled that we haven't gotten a bad snow/ice yet.

Last weekend was spent in Dallas, having a late Christmas with the family. I got some sweet luggage, a pimp new watch, a framed pic of Trevi Fountain that my aunt blew up for me, and much more! I forgot my camera today so I will post pics later.
A snow storm hit Dallas Sunday as we were leaving and my Dad had to drive 35-40 mph thru Dallas. I hate driving in weather like that and luckily I had a book to read to take my mind off the slick roads. P.S. The book I was reading was Sarah's Key and I definitely recommend it.My book club members will be so proud that I finished the book well before book club on the 25th! Also, I think I read much faster when the chapters are shorter. Is that possible?

This week has been a blur so far. Laundry, gym, shopping, eating, making lists, cleaning my room, organizing, and it just seems to continue. I am not a big new year resolutioner, but I am going to try and make a point to be less rushed. I often times will toss something aside because I don't' have time to do it. A lot of this is due to my own schedule that I have made and being at ____'s house all the time. But I need to come home and do these things before bed so they don't stack up.

Tonight my goal is to pack some things for Cancun (we leave Friday after work!) before I go watch the Pitt basketball game. Or pack when I come home.

I was successful at Target last night, buying the exact 2 swimsuits that Target shipped to me but never appeared. Sunscreen purchased, batteries, book for the beach  (Heart of the Matter )!

Now, off to more work that I need to focus on before my vacation.

If you wanna check out out resort, it is the Flamingo in Cancun. I would like to say, that while am so excited I am about to burst for Mexico, I am bummed that I will have to miss ANOTHER Boyz II Men concert. You heard me right.

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