Thursday, December 31, 2009


Blah. I have been fighting sickness all week and yesterday it had me down. I called in sick to work. The 2nd time in 1 year and 3 months. I stayed home and relaxed all day, with no make up on...that is one of the greatest feelings, to be clean and makeup free.

Anyway, I am still sick today but I am pushing through it. I have too much to do this weekend to be sick.
On the agenda:

Tonight: NYE in OKC with Kent. Yay for champage toasts and kisses. And yes, I still plan on getting a kiss even through the snot I am creating.

Tomorrow: Driving to Dallas with Kent, and Tanner and Julie. I love road trips! And then once I get to Dallas, I get to have Christmas with my extended family. Wait, why call them extended...they are my family. No extended needed.

Sat: Cotton Bowl with Kent and about a million other people! My parents and brother and sis in law also scored tickets and will be attending as well. We have tons of friends that will be at the Cotton Bowl and I am sure it will be a ridiculous good time. Go Pokes!

For the coming year, I am have been thinking. I should have a resolution but I really don't. I mean, I go to the gym almost everyday. I eat pretty well. I don't smoke. Maybe my resolution should be..... I'll take your suggestions!

See you suckas in 2010!

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