Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feelin the Cheer

I love the holidays. A lot. Like times a million as my roomie Elaina would say. Everyone seems so cheery and festive. Well, almost everyone. I love buying presents for people. It makes me really happy to give something that I know they will like/use/see/hang on the wall/show other people/whatever they do with it.
Now, there are a few people that are hard to buy for. Like take my cousin Zach for example. He’s a neat fella. Very creative and artsy and techy. Which makes him hard to buy for because a) electronics/tech gifts are way expensive to get a cool one b) He is very tall so buying shirts long enough for his monkey arms is hard. But every year I try, and I hope I succeed.

Now, my sister in law is about the easiest person ever to buy for. She always ends up having several things at the end of a shopping trip that my mom and I venture out on. And my nieces seriously rake in the presents this time of year. I have to limit myself to one toy/present each or I will get out of hand. But I secretly and not-so-secretly give them presents all throughout the year so I make up for it.

Now, on to decorations. I love them. The more, the better. However, I do not feel that the color blue has any place in Christmas decorating. It’s just weird looking. But I love my Christmas tree. It’s modeled after my momma’s and it is red and silver. That’s it. No other color. Just simple and classy. Kinda like me (haha!)

So since I am feeling the holiday cheer, I encourage everyone to grab a mug of something warm (and you can spike it if you would like) and cozy up with something (dog, boy, girl, blanket, book, you get the point).

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  1. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL! Simple, festive, elegant. Good advice above... I'm now going to go cozy up with the hubby on the couch to watch The Office.