Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Update:
I played softball Friday night and we of course got run ruled but it was a lot of fun and now the season is over. I'll have to wait til summer is over to play again. You know it is too hot for me to play in this Oklahoma heat!

I ran the 5k on Saturday and had my best time yet! I was faster than I expected. I wanted to run it in about 30 minutes and I did it in 29:38. I was very excited! Now, I can't decide if I should run one this Saturday before I go to Edmond or not.....

Got to lay out at the pool for a couple of hours on Saturday thanks to my roomies parents being gone. Read some of my book and got some sun.. and my freckles are there to prove it!

Went out with some friends on Saturday and had a nice time sitting on the patio at Full Moon.

I weeded my flower beds (long over due) and took Sophie for a walk around the neigborhood. She runs right to the door when she sees her leash. I just love that cute doggie :)

Now on to Monday:
Had to start using a time clock at work. We'll see how this goes. I already forgot to clock out for lunch today.

Boot camp starts tonight at 6. Nothing like a good sweat with a cute trainer.

My parents are in Phoenix and drove to see the Grand Canyon last night. I can't wait to hear what my dad thought of it. He has never seen it & my mom said they could not be that close and not drive over there. I am a little jealous cause the last time I was there they had not built the skywalk.

Have a great week! More to come later, I'm sure!


  1. 5K & bootcamp... my goodness! You have a lot of dedication, my friend! Next month Jax will be old enough to go to my gym's childcare, so I'll be hitting it hard as well. I'm proud of you!

  2. I should've done boot camp with you! And I was on the full moon patio Friday night!