Monday, June 15, 2009

Big News

Hello Monday! I don't like Mondays. They are always so busy & there is so much to do. And I slept too late on Sunday and it messed up my sleep schedule.

This weekend was great! I got to spend time with Riley and her family. Wendi and I had a great time talking and drinking margaritas. I miss seeing her everyday and I am so glad we have kept in touch. Riley was as sweet and funny as ever!
Saturday I got up early to go to Edmond and see the family. Lauren was playing tee ball that day and Allison was playing blast ball. Blast ball is so hilarious; they run to 1st base and jump on it and it has a horn and it blares. So cute!

Saturday I had a nice dinner at In the Raw with some friends.

Sunday was relaxing; cleaning house and doing laundry. Made a trip to Target and limited myself to only four items when I easily could have spent about $200!

As I was winding down on Sunday eve, I got a phone call from my cousin Katie. She asked me a very simple question, "Will you be my maid of honor?" As I excitedly said yes, I soon realized that meant that Louie has proposed! I jumped and screamed and then started to cry. I am so happy for her and have been waiting for this day to come for her. We had to make a few calls on 3-way and then I was so excited I couldn't fall asleep! Wedding plans are already on my mind.

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