Thursday, June 25, 2009

Medicine Woman

I have been struggling with sinus issues for about 2 weeks and I keep all kinds of medicine in my desk drawer. Well I ran out yesterday and this morning I went into the bathroom to my shelf and pulled out my medicine basket. Wow, I have a lot of things in there.
1. Sinus congestion pain
2. Ibprofen (or just 'profen as my aunt calls it)
3. Allergy medicine
4. Special formulated headache pills from a pharmacy in Muskogee
5. Canker sore medicine (if you know me well, you know I use this almost daily)
6. Nasal spray
7.Allegra samples
8. Canker sore mouthwash
9. Peroxyl (hydrogen peroxide & mouthwash mix)
10. Tylenol PM for those restless nights
11. Throat lozenges
And a few more randoms that I don't even know the name of. It is kinda ridiculous and my roomies make fun of me but they sure know where to come when they need drugs!

Went to see "The Proposal" last night with the roomies and it was pretty cute. My favorite part was when Ryan Reynolds took off his shirt. I mean come on, we all know I only went to see that part anyway. He is gorgeous and Sammi believes that there really aren't men that gorgeous in real life; she thinks they are created by a computer program. After looking around in Tulsa, I think I might agree with her!
Kickball playoffs start tonight and we play at 6; the absolute hottest time of day. I bet we will have some refreshments available though :)
Leaving for Dallas tomorrow after work. Really really really wish I could take half a day off and leave earlier but unfortunately I only get vacation after my first year of working and I have already borrowed some time. I think that policy is ridiculous and I can't believe they think it is realistic to limit someone to 2 weeks of vacay for 2 years.
Either way, I will get down to Dallas tomorrow evening and spend a much needed weekend with my cousins, aunt and uncle, grandpa and grandma, other grandma, brother, sister (lets just leave out the in law part) and all my nieces. Oh and of course my mom and dad. Should be a great weekend filled with lots of wedding talk :)

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