Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What I've Learned in 12 Months

Coming in just shy of 13 months here but give me a break. I'm busy! And anytime I am on my computer it is to do some silly work stuff (or buy something on Amazon). we go, my last installment of "What I've Learned".

1. Personal Party 

You will take your baby's first birthday party very personal! While I didn't go all out on decor, food, gifts, I did spend a lot of time thinking of what I wanted to do with decorations and what food I wanted to serve. I kept it fairly simple and went with a primary colors theme, served sandwiches and sides and some booze. But I was more excited for his birthday party than I had been for any party in quite some time. And you feel extremely grateful for anyone that shows up to help celebrate your little one! 

2. You still don't figure it out 

1 year of Sam only kind of being into toys and I am still purchasing him new toys. I just bought him a new grill on Tuesday on Amazon. He would much rather play with a cardboard box or a bottle of Zyrtec that sounds like a maraca but let's spend more money on more toys. 

3. Hair? 

Do I give him his first hair cut or do I let his adorable red mullet grow? Million dollar question, you guys. 

4. You might not be ready...

to stop nursing. Sam is not ready, I might be a little more ready than him but I still enjoy it that time so much. Plus, he is super crazy and it is sometimes (most times) my only way to calm him. 

5. Survival mode 

You may think that it gets easier (and it does) but you are still in such survival mode in so many ways. Sam is mobile, determined and head strong. He knows what he wants and he will let you know. I spend most of my time trying to either keep him entertained while I get ready for work or just rushing around like a mad woman while he cries so I can finish something. I am completely disorganized and most of the time have no clue how I make it look like I am functioning but somehow I continue to do it. 

6. Unexpected 

You feel connected to the most unexpected people. Motherhood can make you carry on a conversation with the most random person and somehow feel like you are actually friends. I haven't made any new "mommy" friends but I find myself talking to other mothers in a more meaningful way.

7. Choking

There will be a choking incident, possibly in public, that will absolutely terrify you. And he still hasn't had even the tiniest bite of bacon since that.

This past year has been such a wonderful, joyous, trying, unforgettable time in my life. I feel like I have so many thousands more things I could have added to these blogs! But I also left 3 things in my cart when I checked out at Target last week so I am not exactly on my game like I used to be :) 

20 lbs 
31.25 inches 

"Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There is no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving." ~ Gail Tsukiyama

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