Monday, May 4, 2015

What I've Learned in 11 Months

11 months. Are we really down to less than 1 month until the big 1 year? Ok, I might cry about it so let's focus on this past month of Sam. It was a doozy!

1. You will survive a move

In case you haven't heard, we bought a new house! Holla! Right after Sam turned 10 months, we put our house on the market and 2 days later we had our first offer and we accepted the offer 3 short days after putting it on the market. A few days later, we put in an offer on our new home. All happened within 1 week. 1 week! Between rushing out of the house for showings, packing our home after the sale, and purging items from our attic/garage we barely made it out alive! Sam won't remember the home that he started his life in but Kyle and I will always have fond memories there. Kyle proposed in the kitchen, we started our married life there and brought home our first tiny baby. But it was time to move and we are so happy in our new (bigger, better!) home. Here is our new home:

2. Shoes

I am learning that Sam needs shoes now that he is walking. I never put him in shoes before he was walking because they always came off and I tried to not spend the money (I did buy one adorable pair of navy blue loafers that he wore twice). Now, I forget that he needs shoes when we leave the house or go outside. Thank goodness his Grammy took him shopping for new some new kicks so he doesn't have Walmart feet from walking through Target with bare feet.

3. Shelf Grabbing

I took Sam to Target (shoes and all. Oh wait, except I forgot the diaper bag!) so I had no snacks to keep him entertained during the trip. Sam hates being confined to a car seat, basket, the stroller is acceptable on certain occasions, only to be determined by Sam. After letting him tear through the baby section, putting his shoes back on 25 times, I beelined for the food section, grabbed a box of strawberry Nutrigrain bars off the shelf and tore open a bar and let him eat one. He liked it until he didn't like it (Sam is a complicated little one) and then he started rubbing the sugary pink strawberry goo in his hair. Oh I can just wipe that out with a diaper bag. We made it to the check out line with goo all over both of us, 1 shoe on (him not me) and 2 packages of diapers- different sizes. Now I get to make a trip back to Target to return the diapers and possibly the opened box of Nutrigrain (kidding, kind of).

4. Doggies

Sam loves his Sophie girl but he loves to love too hard. Ear pulling, toenail yanking, tackling. Sophie is great with him but there are times that she can't take it anymore and she tells him. I watch him closely with her because you never know what can happen. And I love that Sam isn't afraid of animals but that means I also have to watch him around strange dogs because he will happily give any dog a hug.

5. Rompers

Rompers are still acceptable at this age. I love them and I refuse to give them up quite yet. I plan on letting him wear them through the summer and then will have to retire them.

"Don't be like the rest of them, darling." - Coco Chanel 

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  1. I have GOT to come see that lovely house!! I will text you soon.