Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome, Sam!

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I woke up very early on Tuesday morning feeling nervous and excited for the day ahead. Have you ever woken up and not been able to even take a drink of water? It's brutal. My parents stayed at my house to take care of Sophie, Kyle's parents were on a plane, and my brother and his family were going to arrive at the hospital around 11:00. I felt ok, but nervous most of the morning. A nurse came in around 11 to start getting things ready and said that I might be pushed back to 2pm. Our parents and Bryan and Erin and the girls were all in the room when Dr. Butler walked in and said we were ready to go, there was no delay and we would start on time. Everyone started packing up the room (since we would be moved to another room after the baby was here) and Kyle and I were left in the room alone waiting for go time. I started to cry. I was so nervous. And excited. But so nervous! And then it was time.

I walked into the operating room. It looked like an operating room. Everyone was so nice to me. They did my spinal and then inserted my catheter, which is awkward since you are awake and can feel them moving your legs around while you are naked from waist down. Then they Kyle come in. Thank goodness because that 10 min without him was way too long. I was trying to pay attention so I could remember details, but it's so hard to stay focused in that moment. Dr. Butler pinched me to test the spinal and the show was on!

Kyle watched the entire thing. You can feel tugging and pressure and movement. It's strange. I was watching him while he stood and looked over the drape and watched our baby make his arrival into the world. From the time they inserted my spinal to his arrival, it was 19 min. Because he was breech, they had to tug a little more to get him out and when Dr. Butler said "Dad, can you see what it is?", Kyle couldn't tell because his butt was facing away from him. They lifted him up and with tears in his eyes, Kyle announced, "It's a boy!"

I started to cry. My baby boy was here and I could hear him crying. I don't know that words will ever be able to describe what I felt. Kyle went over to where Sam was and started snapping some pics. He told me that everything was ok, and then he left to go with him to get cleaned up and weighed.

They started the process of closing me up (I hate that phrase) and the nausea set in very quickly. I was so sick that I couldn't even mutter the words to tell anyone. Dr. Butler noticed my stomach was heaving and asked if I was sick. I moaned, and the anesthesiologist gave me some medicine. It helped for a minute but I continued to dry heave for the next 4 hours. I never threw up but it was not fun to fight off vomiting when you are trying to meet your baby for the first time.

The first time I held Sam was unforgettable. Kyle brought him to me and my mom and Kyle's mom were also in there with us. The nurses helped me try to nurse him while I held a wet wash cloth to my mouth.

After the grandma's left, the grandpa's came in. My dad took one look at me holding Sam and started to cry. I think my boob may have still be hanging out but I honestly can't remember. Then Bryan and Erin and the girls came in to see Sam, followed by my besties, Elaina and Sammi.

I was moved to a room around 3pm and we got settled in for the next 2 days. Our family went from 2 to 3 in a moment and it was worth every tear, smile, needle stick. It was even worth that dreaded incision.

Sam Athey Gatewood 
May 20th, 2014
12:55 pm
6lbs 2oz
19.25 in 

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  1. Heather, I loved reading every detail!! I can't wait to meet him next week!!