Thursday, November 29, 2012

If I Won the Lottery

I bet you all have been thinking about this lately. What if I won 550 million dollars? What exactly would I do with that much money? Here are a few things I would buy:

This house in Midtown Tulsa.

Kyle a new car.

My mom and dad new cars and would remodel their house to their liking.

I would set up college funds for Lauren, Allison, Jordyn and Henry. And our future children.

A vacation house in Colorado so we can ski in the winter and a vacation house in Florida so we could beach in the summer.

Pay off my student loans.

I would take the most fabulous vacation to Paris and take all my lady family members with me.

Kyle and I would take the most ridiculously awesome honeymoon.

I would buy Erin and Bryan whatever they want. I don't know exactly what they would want.

Donate to charities. Probably some for kids and some for doggies. And the elderly.

Kyle would make me invest tons of the money so after all this, I would have to out the kibosh on spending for a while.

These are just some of the ideas of the top of my head. Of course there are plenty of other things I would do with the money.

What would you buy with $550 million?

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