Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cat Calling

So apparently I am the new object of every City of Tulsa worker’s affection on my street this month. They are building a new house across the street and they are also working on the water line, so we are blessed with a plethora of grungy, gawking workers every morning. Last week, one of them whistled as I got out of my car. This morning, one of them asked my name as I walked through my front yard. Look friends, you have torn up my driveway, freaked out my dog beyond repair, and make more grunting noises than a hippo giving birth, please leave me alone and finish the job at hand. I’m sure I will see you again soon when you decide to tear up something else on my street.

I went to a Halloween party last Friday night at Remington Race track in OKC. They reserved a suite and had a great little get together. I dressed up as a beer garden girl and Kent was Doogie Howser. They had a bottle of St. Pauli beer and I looked just like the girl on the bottle. We had a great time and luckily, I put a reserve pair of boy shorts in my purse, cause you knew the tights would rip right in the middle of the party!

I don’t want to talk about Saturday’s game against Texas. We played like crap and threw too many interceptions and couldn’t catch the passes that we had thrown right into our hands.
But baby Jordyn got to come to the game and she was dressed up like a bunny and she was a big hit in the stadium. She just stared with her big beautiful eyes and would smile and then lay her head on my chest like she was shy. Sweetest thing ever. I want her to hit 6 months and then stay that age forever.

Sunday I woke up after a 12 hour hibernation to a sore throat, body aches, and chills. Lovely. So I posted up on the couch and fell back asleep.
After plenty of rest, I woke up Monday feeling much better. Thank goodness, I really don’t want to get swine flu

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  1. Was gonna ask about the personal guest, but kind of figured it out. Gimme a shout if you'd like to share the details :)
    Ps-Those girls are definitely too cute!