Friday, November 20, 2009

The 6 am alarm came early this morning after going to the last home OSU football game last night. We barely pulled out a win against the Colorado Buffalos but we did and I am proud of the team for pulling together and playing without our star QB. Next week against OU should be an interesting one.

This week has been a busy one as usual. Something to do every night of the week. Monday I got to go to Target and buy a new dress for a wedding with Kent this weekend. And I indulged in some new sky high suede Guess heels from DSW with my $20 off coupon! I didn’t tell Kent that less than 24 hours after he asked me to go to his sister’s wedding that I was shopping for a complete new outfit :) You know boys don’t understand how us girls need to look fab at every event we attend! And something like this is definitely new outfit worthy.

Tonight is my friend Harlan’s birthday celebration in Tulsa. We are eating dinner at McNellie’s downtown and then riding the trolley around for the rest of the night.

Next week will be busy I am sure with lots of planning for T-day at my Deeya’s and then maybe some wedding work on Saturday with the auntie, mom, and cousin.

This week has also been a little trying for some important people in our lives. My mom’s best friend (and my second mother) Anne lost her dad to a battle with brain cancer this week. And my mom’s good friend Kathy lost her mom last night. Really makes you cherish every moment you have with your mother, grandmother, father, etc and remember how much our world would be different without them.

Also, a shout out to Natalie. I am listening to an old Rodger Wilko cd at work today and it takes me right back to the old Wormy Dog in Stillwater. Man, I miss those days!

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