Friday, October 30, 2009

Oktoberfest, Halloweenie, OSU/Texas

Hello all! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend. I have been neglecting my blogging duties. I apologize and hope I still have some readers that are sticking with me.

Last week so jam-packed with activity. I swear I had something to do every single night. I went to the U2 concert with Kent in Norman and sleepily headed home after it was over. I pulled into Tulsa about 2 am and had that moment where you ask yourself, “Did I really just drive that whole way?”. I couldn’t even remember the drive. But the concert was really good and the weather was beautiful. After sitting and freezing my derrière off at the OSU game the night before… it was nice to be outside in just a long sleeved t-shirt.

Monday I took it easy and came home from work and lounged. I figured since I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep, I was entitled to a lazy night. I fell asleep on the couch at 8 pm.

Tuesday I had dinner with my gal pal Tasha. Our other friend Wendi was going to join but had to cancel. Tasha and I always have a good time together and love to rant and rave and gossip and tell each other little secrets. Plus, she is the one I owe my life to since she invited me to the John Legend concert. I am forever indebted to you!

Wednesday was corporate night at Oktoberfest. Such a wonderful display of drunken CEO’s and wives dancing on tables holding pitchers of beer. Elaina, Billy and I went and ate some polish sausage and a cherry strudel. We took it easy since we were planning on returning on Saturday for some table dancing of our own.

Thursday was a mud-filled game of kickball. I am almost pulled a groin… guess I need to start stretching in my old age. I remember the days when I thought stretching was for old people and I was always thinking, “ can we just play the game already?”

Friday was a relaxing night at home. Dinner at In the Raw and then home to clean for company on Saturday.

We had lots of people coming into town for Oktoberfest on Saturday… Abbey, Russell, and BC and my personal guest Kent. (I know you want to ask, so shoot me a comment or an email and I will tell you about him…maybe J ) We had a great time and drank lots of beer and I ate potato pancakes that were delicious!

This week has been a little more calm. I have been preparing for the Halloween party that Kent and I are going to in OKC tonight. And then OSU/Texas Saturday and changing back into costume for an evening on the town in Stilly.

Oh and of course, here are some pics of my sweeties. Can’t tell me that my brother and Erin don’t create the cutest things ever! Til next time… cheers! And Go Pokes!

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