Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What I've Learned in 10 Months

Spring has arrived and Sam is now 10 months old! Here is what I have learned in 10 months:

1. Snacks will be a food group

At some point, your healthy little eater will stop eating baby food, will push organic food pouches out of his face and only eat french fries, string cheese, or yogurt melts. Tonight I offered him a food pouch, an apple, shredded cheese, zucchini, peas, carrots. He basically pushed it all over the counter and then just intentionally dropped it on the floor. He ended up eating about 5,000 bites of Kyle's pizza after all my healthy efforts. Whatever.

2. Forgetfulness

I used to remember everything. Mostly. And then I had a child and forgot to get my 9 year old niece a birthday gift.

3. Sleeping

You will start to wonder if your child will ever sleep through the night.

4. Mourning

You will realize that the big "1 year" birthday will be approaching. Quickly. Maybe it's the double digit sticker you put on his onesie. Maybe it the days ticking by on the calendar. Maybe it the "i am one" shirt you bought on Etsy and then cried about.

5. Trip

You will start planning your first baby free trip for a friends wedding in Mexico and have a slight panic attack. I changed the days from 3 to 2 on Expedia, picked the lastest flight out, earliest flight home and then panicked again and just shut the computer.

6. All Natural

I spent $6.99 on a bag of all-natural chicken nuggets at Reasor's. The bag maybe has 15 nuggets in it. But the child won't have anything to do with wholesome, nutrient packed baby food so I had to feed him something.

7. You will think 7:30pm is late 

It actually didn't take me 10 months to figure this out. Sam has started sleeping about 2 hrs in his crib when I first put him to bed (sometimes less, never more) and the key to that is a perfectly timed bedtime and a not exhausted mother. That means going to dinner with our friends at 7:30 on a Friday night ain't happening. And it it does, it feels like 3am when you get home at 9pm and still have to put a baby to bed. I remember not eating until 8pm on Friday night & then drinking at a bar until 2. We stayed up until 11:30 last night & I almost died. My body barely makes it past 10 these days. 

8. Speaking of sleeping...

Sam slept a decent stretch in his crib last week. Yay, or so you would think. I laid in bed, wide awake looking at the monitor every minute or so. The minute he woke up, I went to his room, picked him up and brought him to our bed. I was asleep in less than 3 min. I'm pathetic. And I can't help but laugh at myself. 

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