Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I've Learned in 9 months

Sam has now been living outside of my body for as long as he was inside of my body. I remember thinking that he would be such a fun, crazy, energetic baby at 9 months. I am very rarely wrong (ask my husband!) and I was certainly not wrong about Sam. He is a very energetic, busy baby! Here are some things I have learned in 9 months:

1. He will have a snotty nose

You know that kid you've seen running around with snot dripping down his face. And sometimes that snot is radioactive green. And you think "Ewwww gross, wipe that nose!" Well, believe me you will wipe that nose and then go to throw out that tissue and when you turn around it will be dripping out all over again and inevitable someone will be looking at him at that moment.

2. Choking on something

You will cut up his food, maybe even put it in the food processor but he will still find a way to gag/choke on a cracker and you will start to panic about halfway into the 3rd gag. And then he will hack it up..all over you.

4. Date night still feels weird

9 months old and it still feels very strange to be without him.

5. Husband out of town will be weird

I used to roll my eyes at women that said they couldn't sleep well when their other half was out of town. And then I got married and slept in the same bed as Kyle every night and I started to understand it. And now when Kyle is out of town and it is time to go to bed in the house all by myself with Sam and its dark and cold and scary, I just really wish I had my husband home. This past month Kyle was gone and Sophie stood at the front door and barked incessantly making me think someone was outside and it freaked me out! I locked all the doors and set the alarm at 7pm and had to turn it off/on every time I let Sophie out to pee.

6. Feeling genuinely needed/loved by your baby

When Sam was a baby, he needed me to survive. He still needs me in that way but it is changing every month. He needs me to fall asleep (I know, I know...sleep train him...shut it!), he needs me to help him learn how to work his new toys, he needs me. He loves me. He is so happy when I come home from being gone. He is always just so thrilled to have me around.

7. Snow Days

While other moms might dread snow days because there little crazies will be trapped in the house all day, I crave them. A day in the middle of the week to just stay home and play with my baby...yes please! Thankfully I have been getting a few of these lately!

8. They will learn things

Sam is starting to actually learn things that I teach him. Such as giving a kiss, waving, peek a boo.
We are currently working on high fives, and saying "bye bye". It is unbelievably rewarding to see them master something!

18 lbs and 28.75 inches
"A person's a person, no matter how small." - Dr. Seuss 

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