Friday, April 25, 2014

35 Weeks

Today, I am 35 weeks pregnant! Last Friday at our 34 week appt, my fundal height measured 2 weeks behind. Doctor ordered an ultrasound and I went back on Tuesday for the ultrasound. The good part: the heartbeat was strong, the placenta is working well, my fluids levels are good and the weight of the baby was good at an estimated 4lbs 11oz. The bad part: the head and abdomen are measuring small and this little sucker is breech. The doctor called Tuesday night and said she looked over the info and said she isn't overly concerned but wants to go ahead and do an ultrasound every week until I deliver. 

I did exactly what you are not supposed to do, and started googling. And surprisingly, I didn't find any horror stories. It seems fairly common and most people either say their baby was just small or the measurements were a little off. We do have some small genes in our family so this little peanut could just be small. We got a good look at the face at our 4D ultrasound at 31 weeks so I don't think there are any abnormalities that I should be concerned with. And a lot of people have said that in this day and age, we have acccess to too much medical information and we end up worrying for no reason. We go back on Monday for another ultrasound and appt with our doctor. 

Now, onto the breech. Because I feel like I have some control over this (which is funny because you actually have no control over what these babies want to do while they are cooking), I am trying some tips to get the baby to turn. Cold ice pack, laying with my pevis above my head, walking, music. I have read several conflicting things: the baby settles in around 35 weeks and is unlikely to move or the baby can be breech until labor and will turn on its own. I will talk to the doctor more on Monday about our options such as ECV to turn the baby. 

Last Saturday was my lovely baby shower! Sammi, Elaina, and Harlan hosted at Sammi's house and it was beautiful! It felt like we just had my bridal shower there! Great group of guests and lots of great presents! 

Since the gender is unknown, I decided on a blue dress with pink nails. 

Our nursery is coming together and I love it! Our glider arrived, our changing table (custom gift from Sammi and Clark) is painted, and the presents just need to find homes. My task this weekend is to get everything organized and ready to go. 

We also got our car seat (gift from Mom and Dad) and that will need to be installed. We went with the Chicco KeyFit 30 Magic. It was exclusive to Babies R US and was quite the ordeal to get it ordered, but Mom and I persisted and got it completed and it arrived 2 days after we ordered. 

In 5 days, May will arrive and that means things are about to get real! We are continuing to stay positive that everything is A-OK with the baby and he/she will continue to grow and will arrive healthy and hopefully head down :) 

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