Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday (My new favorite day)

Tuesdays are wonderful. We have decided to take that night and make it a fun night to do whatever we want. We can go eat, or go skating, or see a movie, or whatever our little hearts desire. Tonight is dinner at PF Changs (I freakin love this place) and then mabe headed to the bookstore for a little browsing. Elaina and I love books and we could spend hours in bookstores.

This past weekend I went to my parents and helped take care of Lauren and Allison. It was so much fun and we only hit a few kinks and only had a few screaming fights. Nothing that I am not used to or can't handle. I love my nieces and family so much and wish I could see the girls every weekend. It is gonna be about 4 weeks until I get to see them again :(

This weekend I am headed to Dallas to do some more wedding planning with Katie. Man, I wish she lived closer...I swear we would be attached at the hip... Kristin too. We could be quite the trio.

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