Wednesday, August 26, 2009

John Legend

So here is the story....
My friend Tasha invited me to go to the John Legend concert last night (front row seats). I excitedly accepted cause I love love love John Legend and I also have never been front row. So a couple songs in he says "Men, grab your ladies cause we need to dance to some love songs tonight" and he started to sing. He got up from the piano and said "I think I need a girl to dance with". Tasha started pointing at me and he looked down at me and said "Come on up here baby". (AHHHHAHAHA! )that is me being so excited just telling you the story!
So I am helped on stage by his body guard and we start to dance. He is singing and we are grooving and i didn't even have time to get nervous. Looking back at it, I have no idea how I wasn't freaking out. We dance the whole song and as I am about to walk off stage, he says "come over here girl" and gives me a rose and holds the mic to me and tells me to say my name. Then he hugs and kisses me and takes me back to my seat. It was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me! I knew several people that were at the concert and I started getting texts and people were already facebooking me.
Tasha took some pics with her phone and Grant got a video but I haven't seen it yet. I am riding out my 15 min of fame! I was the most popular girl leaving the show Monday night.. and the president of my company was there with his wife and he has been talking to me about it all day. So anyway, if you wanna hear the story in detail you can call me. If not, I'm sure I will tell it every chance I get for the next 25 years.
I swear I could not be more excited to tell people abou this! I don't even care if I get annoying cause seriously people, when does something like this happen to someone (i.e.- me).
I have become slightly more obsessed with John Legend than I already was and have already planned my life if he calls and says "You were the best part of that concert, come away with me". Ok, that probably won't happen but a girl can dream.
If you have never heard John Legend, I recommend you listening to some of his songs. My favorites are "Stay with Me", "Green Light", "Used to Love You" and "Ordinary People".
And last, I have to give a shout out to my girl Natalie for introducing me to John Legend years ago. She burned me his cd and I have loved him ever since. So Nat, this ones for you....Cheers!

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  1. Awh!! How much fun! See where me repatedly playing his music & getting on your nerves has got you?!? Hahaha.
    Sounds like you had a fantastic time & who cares what everyone else thinks!!