Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, New Beginnings

Happy new year! I've been neglecting this blog for the past 6 months. We are a busy family (aren't most young married couples with kids?!) and while we only have 1 tiny munchkin, he sure eats up s lot of our (mostly my) time. Between Sam & work, I didn't care to find the time to blog. But I told you I would be back, and here I am! I have some news (I'm not pregnant): I quit my job! 

I am now a stay at home mom and could not be more thrilled. Going back to work after having Sam was the hardest thing I have ever done. I just wanted to be home with my baby. Somehow, I managed (I've talked about how grateful I am for my mom & dad) to make it 16 months without falling apart. Believe me, it was hard & I cried & threw fits but for the most part, I did it. But my heart was at home. I felt extremely unsettled & frazzled. Yes, I had a job that people think must be the greatest job ever (selling wine & liquor) with great perks: free booze, free wine dinners, expensing dinner around town, drinking during lunch, etc but as any job does, it has its downsides. And to me, once I was presented to opportunity to stay home, I jumped I it. I had never wanted to go back to work after Sam. So, I gave my bosses plenty of notice (4 months) and prepared for my departure. I told my  accounts, hoarded booze, raided the warehouse for stuff I didn't need (do I really need another v-neck with a liquor logo plastered on if?) and imagined what life would be like at home. My accounts & coworkers have been incredibly supportive. It kind of shocked me, to be honest. I expected less and received so much more. I have found a wonderful group of girlfriends at Republic. They are loyal & supportive & drink way too much! A few of them are mothers & they were a huge support system for me during my pregnancy & return to work. 

Yesterday, I spent my last 4 hours of work drinking wine & champagne with those girls. What a way to end your boozy career, amiright?! I cried when I left but finally felt settled. I am completely confident in my decision to stay home. It is the best decision for our family. 

So, 2016 begins a new journey for us. A journey I expect will still include wine & liquor :) 

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