Tuesday, February 25, 2014

26 Weeks Bumpdate & More!

Hello! I didn't intend on being MIA for this long! So first, I will start with a pregnancy update.

Leaving for Florida: 22 weeks 
23 weeks
24 weeks 
25 weeks 

26 weeks 
26 week front view 

how far along: 26 weeks
size of baby: Average size of fetus is 1.5lb to 2.2lb and the size of a head of lettuce 
total weight gain: 17ish lbs 
maternity clothes:  I have a few pieces of maternity clothing that I have worn (maxi dresses & a top) but I am still mainly wearing leggings and tunics. Plenty of my shirts still fit (as long as I don't have to button anything over my boobs). I can still wear my jeans and do the rubber band trick but they are getting a bit more uncomfortable. Leggings have always been a favorite of mine, and they are definitely crucial to me now! 
movement: Feeling lots of kicks! The baby is much more active in the mornings, which started around 22/23 weeks. My mom and Kyle have both gotten to feel the baby move. 
sleep: As long as nothing wakes me up (such as a full bladder), I'm still sleeping pretty well. 
cravings: Still wanting Mexican food, and lately I have wanted BBQ. Both are Kyle's least favorites. His favorite is steak and pot roast, both of which I want nothing to do with. 
symptoms: lower back pain, lots of bathroom breaks, hungry (especially after I workout) 

So on the weight gain thing...we went on vacation to Florida for 10 days. Which meant 10 days of eating and indulging in foods that are not normal to me. Kyle's family loves to eat (who doesn't) but I am either used to a) not being so hungry that I want to eat that stuff or b) being able to work out and still indulge with the family. I went for a few long walks on the beach with Mary Lou but it wasn't enough to burn off the calories I was consuming. The weekend after we returned home, I went to Dallas and co-hosted a baby shower for Katie which included breakfast casserole, cake and punch. And then Monday, I got to weigh in. 

I knew I had put on more weight than I planned. So once I got back to my regularly scheduled eating and working out, I lost some of that. So now, I am back on track and feeling great. I really try not to worry about the weight, and every time I put on a pair of leggings or pants that still fit, I rejoice a little. 

Now, onto other things! Kristin and I threw Katie an adorable "winter wonderland" themed baby shower in Dallas on Feb. 8th. It turned out to be a fairly chilly day, which was perfect for our theme! We had a hot chocolate bar (Kristin's great idea) and lots of delicious food. She is expecting a girl at the end of March and looks great! My favorite part of the shower was the onesie and headband decorating station we had. It was so much fun and all of the items turned out so cute! 

Bump love
Copycat picture from Kristin's shower
Momma's and their pregnant daughters

Katie is in the home stretch, she is due 4 weeks from this coming Friday! I will be 27 weeks on Friday, which means I need to kick it into high gear with a few things. We need to buy a rocking chair, tour the hospital, pre-register, take a birthing class (if we decide to do that) and pick a pediatrician. I am really starting to feel like a grown up...

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