Monday, August 19, 2013

(Insert Title Here)

No, that isn't a typo in the title...I just can't think of what to actually title this post.

We have had plenty going on with us, but not one specific thing to write about. Since my last post, here is what we have done:

- Watched Allison and Jordyn participate (and rock!) triathlons in Edmond
- I didn't have anything to do this, but my cousins had their adorable baby girl, Dylan, at the end of July. I want to steal her.
- Spent a lovely Friday evening in my parents pool. Including watermelon racing in the pool.
- Drove to Hot Springs for a work party with Kyle's company. That drive is pretty, but really windy and long.
- My wonderful friend, Elaina, moved back to Tulsa!!
- Celebrated my friend, Amanda, with a lovely bridal shower. Including a margarita machine.

Mix all of these things in with work events, nights out with friends, sand volleyball and we are exhausted. And we are not about to slow down!

- This weekend: Kyle plays in a golf tournament in Pittsburgh, and I get to go to Dallas to see the new baby!
- Stella and Dot jewelry party next week. I am still waiting to have the date confirmed and then I will let everyone know.
- Labor Day weekend: weird that we don't have anything scheduled but I am sure we will find a way to be busy the entire time.
- Kyle goes to DC for work
- Restaurant Week in Tulsa (busy for me)
- Wedding in Dallas
-OSU football
- Bachelorette party in Austin!!
- Wedding in Baltimore, followed by an anniversary trip

I cannot believe that we are getting close to our 1 year of marriage. I have been mentally preparing a blog post on my reflection of my first year of marriage.

Kyle is in charge of planning our anniversary trip and I have no idea what he is planning. He is really good about surprising me, but he has gotten out of the habit of booking our trips. I always handle our flight, hotel, car and most of the itinerary. So I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us!

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