Friday, September 18, 2009

So it has been a long time since I blogged. We are limited on our internet use at work and I am too lazy to do it at home in the evenings. My evenings seem to be packed with all kinds of activity.

Here is a recap of my recent activities:

Sept 5th: OSU vs Georgia game! We won our home opener and moved to numero 5 in the polls. It was a great weekend and we stayed in Stillwater after the game and relived some college days. I also drowned my phone and camera :)
Sept 7th: Labor Day was nice and relaxing. The roomies and I hit up the patio at Los Cabos and enjoyed a few margaritas. Our friend Billy joined us and he always brings a good time. We had a nice dinner of mac and cheese and hit the hay early.
Sept 11th: Headed to Edmond after work and spent some much needed time with the nieces. Baby Jordyn is the sweetest thing I know. She has the chubbiest little cheeks and makes me just want to kiss her all day. Lauren and Allison and I played in the playroom and cooked a dinner and set the table while Lauren played Mommy and Allison and I were the daughters. Allison was Alexia and I was Alex. :)
Sept 12th: Got up early that morning and headed out for some soccer. Lauren played first and scored a goal. It is so cute to see her score and get so exited and run to her Daddy and see the look on his face when he gives her a high five. It warms my heart. Next up was Allison and her game was the most hilarious. Since she plays soccer in the backyard and knows the rules she was really ready to play. They lined the 3 year olds up and blew the whistle… and off she goes. She is the only child who even moved on the field and she kicked the ball all the way to the goal and scored while all the others just stood there and watched. It was hilarious.
She almost made it through the whole game without crying.
Then it was off to Stillwater for Grammy, Pappy, Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Heather. We pulled into town just about game time. We were excited for an easy OSU victory and that is exactly what we did not get. OSU fell to Houston 45-35 and my brother was absolutely livid. Let’s hope for something better this week.
Sept 15th : My roomies and I had dinner and Ti Amo’s in downtown Tulsa and then walked to the Britney Spears concert. It was awesome! That is the only was I can describe it. She def puts on a show and anyone that any interest in seeing her should do so.
Sept 16th: Ghengis Grill=delish
Sept 17th: Kickball kickoff. First 2 games of the season and we dominated. It was muddy and muggy.

Now that you are all caught up.. I am headed to my friend Sam and Alanda’s tonight to see their new bundle of joy Lucas. I made them a lasagna and plan on holding that sweet baby as long as I can before they kick me out.
Tomorrow morn is Race for the Cure and I will be starting the 5k at 7:45….yawn. Then a nap, shower, and headed to Stilly for a fun-filled day with the nieces and family.

Til next time!

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